The NAACP is asking candidates in the November 8 election to partner with us in changing policing in our communities by taking the following pledge:


  “In the first 100 days of my term, I commit to working with the White House, executive agencies and Congress to implement the following reforms via regulation, legislation, or executive order:  

(1) Cut off all federal funding to law enforcement agencies that have been found to undertake a pattern or practice of discrimination. This funding restriction should continue until these agencies are in compliance with constitutional standards.  

(2) Provide the United States Department of Justice subpoena power so that it can require the release of internal documents from local law enforcement agencies under investigation for discrimination.  

(3) Create regulations that give detailed guidance to local law enforcement agencies about the data required to comply with the Death in Custody Reporting Act. These regulations should make clear that unless there are compelling reasons for an exception, the Act's penalties on federal funding for non-reporting will be imposed.

(4) Create a federal code of conduct to provide local law enforcement agencies minimum standards on the use of force.

(5) Establish a federal independent review board to investigate police shootings of unarmed individuals.”  


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